The Moon Appears When the Water is Still

Author: Ian McCrorie
Pages: 116
Availability: 4 in stock
Publisher: Pariyatti

This book is a gently humorous, powerful yet sweet gathering of story-poems, offered as a help when read or recalled at the time when they are most needed. Those practicing meditation may find refreshment, joy and a challenge to apply their practice in daily life; others may find an observant and empathetic voice.

~ from page 34 ~

In the jungle hunters place
a banana in a bamboo cage
There is a hole just large enough
for a monkey's hand

The monkey reaches in and grabs the banana.
Now he can't extract his hand.
He has trapped himself.

To go free he must simply let go of the banana.
But out of greed and ignorance, he holds tightly to 
the very cause of his imprisonment.

Let go, let go, let go.





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