The Art of Dying

Author: S.N. Goenka and others
Pages: 170
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Publisher: Pariyatti

A collection of verses from the Buddha, essays by Vipassana meditation teacher, S.N. Goenka, and interviews with meditators facing death. 

A thoughtful look at the greatest challenge facing each of us: death, whether our own or a loved one’s. Weaving together material from many sources, this collection provides a context for understanding death and experiencing it with awareness and equanimity. Here are passages from the Pali texts, writings of S.N. Goenka, poems, theoretical expositions, and questions and answers. But perhaps the most compelling parts are the sections by or about meditators confronting the end of life. With humility, tenderness and often a smile, they learn to accept their own impermanence, suffering and non-self. Their courage and compassion give every Vipassana meditator an example to which we can aspire.
William Hart, author, The Art of Living

I was inspired by the stories of ordinary people who faced death with exemplary poise and courage, and who attributed this gift to Vipassana meditation.
Paul R. Fleischman, author, Wonder, Cultivating Inner Peace

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