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Flash drive with materials for Old Students of S.N. Goenka's courses
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Flash drive with materials for Old Students of S.N. Goenka's courses, which contains the following:

    1. Eight different one-hour "Group Sitting" recordings of S.N. Goenka in English, and another eight in Hindi-English. Each recording is one hour and five minutes. These are great for playing for daily one-hour meditation. Each one begins with opening chanting and instructions (about 5 minutes), then either silence or more instructions, depending on which one, and then closing with chanting and time for practicing Metta.

    2. All ten morning chantings from the 10-day course (approximately 35 minutes each), and all of the morning chantings from other (including long) courses as well.

    3. Audio discourses (in English) from the 10-day course. 

    4. The discourses from the 1-day and 3-day Old Student courses.

    5. The discourse "Essentials of Buddha-Dhamma", by Sayagyi U Ba Khin, both as audio, and as a PDF eBook.

    6. Audio recordings of S. N. Goenka's Dohas, which are rhymed couplets in Hindi, written and recorded by S.N. Goenka. These are played during breakfast at Vipassana centers in India.

    7. Benefits of Dhamma Service: a 9 minute recording of S.N. Goenka on the benefits of giving Dhamma Service.

    8. Art of Living: Audiobook and eBook. This is the classic book about Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka, relevant both for someone who has already sat a course, and those who might be interested.

    9. Chronicles of Dhamma eBook. This is a collection of international newsletters written by S.N. Goenka.

    10. Clock of Vipassana has Struck eBook. This is a collection of writings, teachings, and biographical information by and about Sayagyi U Ba Khin, a Teacher of Vipassana from Myanmar (Burma).

    11. Discourse Summaries eBook, of S.N. Goenka, from the 10-day Vipassana course.

    12. Gem Set in Gold eBook. This contains all the chanting from a 10-day Vipassana course in Pali and Hindi, with the English translations on the facing page.
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