Along the Path - The Meditators Companion to the Buddha's Land

Author: Kory Goldberg & Michelle D├ęcary
Pages: 453
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Publisher: Pariyatti

This unique guidebook provides practical and inspiring information for meditators who plan to visit India and Nepal and the sacred sites where the Buddha lived and taught. The book offers a rich anthology of deeply inspiring stories relating to each of the pilgrimage sites connected to the Buddha’s life and teaching. Also includes helpful maps, creative artwork and spirited narratives from experienced travellers. * Detailed descriptions of each of the sites, including information on what to see and tips on transportation, accommodation and local cuisine. * Suggested excursions and activities in the vicinity of both ancient and modern sites. * Highlights established vipassana meditation centers that are best suited to accommodate visiting meditators. * Includes an in-depth travel section to help meditators prepare for a safe launch from home and cultivate cultural sensibilities. * The essential companion for every meditator visiting India and Nepal. * 424 pages


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